From a Polish listener

“At a time when the whole world underwent tragic changes, for some time I could not adapt any further. I became very depressed and made a suicide attempt and was almost successful. My little restaurant went bust in the lockdown and I lost my only source of income. Everything made no sense to me. A friend found me lying unconscious on the floor of my apartment and I was rescued. A friend then took me to his apartment so that I would not be alone during this period. There I saw that he was listening to a program called Thru the Bible on the Internet. As the apartment was small, I could hear everything. My heart was strongly moved by the words that fell there. I stayed with my friend for a month, but after returning to my home, I made sure to listen to this program every day. In this way, after three months, I found the meaning of life and a new goal: to turn away from this evil world and find a community of people thinking about their personal salvation in Jesus Christ, as I am today. Thank you to all the creators of TTB. I would love to meet you personally after the lockdown. Thank you very much. This program gives me hope for my entire future. "